Selaginella Uncinata “Peacock Moss”



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Selaginella Uncinata “Peacock Spikemoss” “Rainbow Moss”

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Native to China, the peacock spikemoss is named for its stunning iridescent blue and purple foliage. This striking little plant falls is actually one of the “fern allies” (or lycophytes) because it has fern-like foliage, but it’s often loosely classified as a moss due to its low growth habit. Which explains why this plant has so many different common names…

A fantastic trailing plant, Selaginella uncinata will quickly form a dense mat of feathery foliage that’ll cover the ground of your terrarium. This ancient species of plant thrives in moist and humid environments, and it’s an easy choice for terrariums of all kinds (particularly for beginners because this species is pretty bulletproof)


The last photo shows you what you will receive – 2-3 healthy runner clippings shipped bare root in sphagnum moss


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