Frogs direct is an Amphibian Pet store, providing the best in captive bred frogs, plants, supplies, and feeders shipped safely, nationwide. We have also teamed up with some of the most respected breeders in the country to provide high quality, healthy animals.  Our community standards require the preservation of species and locale genetics. We provide captive bred animals and strive to reduce the market for illegal poaching or importing of wild caught frogs from endangered and threatened areas (which also can bring disease into our hobby, so unless you are very experienced with importing frogs, it is not recommended).  We also offer a wide variety of supplies to give your new friends a great home and a long life.  Frogs can live up to 20 years, and if you follow some of our breeders advice, your tank might last that long without ever being redone.  


I started this website to offer something I felt was missing from the dart frog community…A good place to for froggers to vend, promote their brand, sell art and photos, and bring the community together.  This need seems especially apparent with COVID -19 reducing the ability to sell frogs in person.  As with any tragedy, we are presented with opportunities to improve the way we do things going forward.  I would love to see the end of illegal export of all frogs, and with the genetics that have been brought in legally, we can offer a means to avoid seeking wild caught specimens.  I have talked with countless froggers, and the passion and rigor that household breeders have far surpasses that of any other reptile or amphibian group.  We take great care in making sure our frogs live their best life, and we want to pass that on to the next breed of froggers!  There are so many cool frogs to choose from, go ahead and take a look around and let me know what you think.  If you would like to vend, I would love to hear from you, how you got into the hobby and what your best frog story is.



-Nate Petrie

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