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    Sold By: Houston Frogs

    Bioluminescent Mushroom Kit (Ghost Fungus)

    Sold By: Houston Frogs

    Bioluminsecent Mushroom Kit. Let it fully colonize (it will be completely white and dense) and cut open to allow the mycelium to begin fruiting. The resulting mushrooms will give off a faint green glow at night. This kit can be used in a humid fruiting chamber or in a tropical vivarium. DO NOT EAT THE MUSHROOMS! They are not edible! For those who want to grow their own Bio-Luminescent Mushrooms (NOT EDIBLE!!!) from the comfort of their own home. Our grain spawn bags and fruiting bags are inoculated in our laboratory, which is outfitted with both an internal and external filtration system where air travels into the lab through a 1 micron pre-filter followed by a .3 micron HEPA H13 filter, an activated carbon filter, and a .1 micron H14 filter before entering the lab. Our internal air filtration system cycles the entirety of the air in the lab within four minutes through a 5 micro pre-filter, cold catalyst filter, activated carbon filter, and finally an H13 .1 micron filter. Our lab is regularly sterilized with an 185nm UVC lamp, with O3 (Ozone), and isopropyl alcohol. As all cultures are made in a sterile lab setting, the likelihood of contamination is far lower than those prepared with only a laminar flow hood. We do guarantee our spawn bags, fruiting bags, and liquid cultures to be free of contamination, or you will be given a credit for the full value of the contaminated item to redeem on your next order.  The bag you will receive may be in different stages depending on our inventory at the time, meaning you may receive a spawn or fruiting bag inoculated yesterday, or a more established bag close to full colonization. You can request a certain stage of colonization in your order notes and we will try to meet your request as best as we can. Again, due to the extremely low risk of contamination (we don’t remember the last time it happened!), we warranty all of our cultures up to the point at which you cut the bag open. Sometimes pinhole tears happen in transit (extremely rare), but don’t fear because we will still cover you if this happens! In the extremely rare event of post inoculation contamination, just send us a video and we will send you a credit for your next order. Note that if you do not cut the bag and set up your culture to fruit (Or split your grain culture) after full colonization, some cultures can form discolored patches indicative of mycelial death due to oxygen deprivation, but are not necessarily contaminated. Have any questions? We are easy to reach, so just give us a call! The bag you will receive will look similar to the one pictured, but will have a different percentage of colonization and will vary in weight depending on water content, grain type, etc. We do guarantee these to be free of contamination, but it is your responsibility so far as contamination after opening the bags and so far as getting the fruiting bags to fruit. Please follow the included instructions and ask us before opening your bag(s) if unfamiliar with using fruiting or grain spawn blocks–we are here to help and want you to be able to enjoy viewing your bio-luminescent mushrooms from the comfort of your own home!

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    Sold By: Houston Frogs

    Springtail Chocolate Clay, 1lb bag

    Sold By: Houston Frogs

    Springtail Chocolate is specifically formulated for maximum production of all types of Collembola (Springtails). Simply mix as directed, spread on the inside of your culturing container, and seed with springtails of choice. Feed and mist every 2 weeks for best results. 2lbs makes approximately 20-30 cultures.

  • ABG Mix - substrate for dart frogs

    Toadally Awesome True ABG Mix

    True Toadally Awesome ABG Substrate is made with the same TOP QUALITY INGREDIANTS as The Original Atlanta Botanical Gardens Mix .Using Premium South American Fine Tree Fern Fiber, Milled Long Fiber Sphagnum Moss, Milled Sphagnum Peat Moss, Fine Fir Bark, and Fine Horticultural Charcoal.  SEE FULL RECIPE BELOW.

    If you are looking for A Perfect Substrate, That has Been Tried and Proven, and is the Most Commonly Used Substrate in the Hobby….Then Trust US….TRUE TOADALLY AWESOME ABG SUBSTRATE IS THE BEST CHOICE!

    Here is a List of The Top Qualities of True Toadally Awesome ABG Substrate:

  • Premium ABG Substrate
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    Frogs Direct Premium ABG Mix

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    Frogs Direct Inc. Premium ABG mix 1 Gallon

    Frogs Direct is proud to offer the original recipe for “ABG”.  ABG stands for Atlanta Botanic Gardens, and refers to the best substrate for high humidity vivariums, and plants.  This premium mix consists of the following recipe:

    1. 2 Parts Tree Fern Fiber (Fine Grade – New Zealand)
    2. 2 Parts Fine Orchid Bark (Douglas Fir Bark)
    3. 1 Part Milled Sphagnum (Top quality Spagmoss from New Zealand)
    4. 1 Part Fine Agricultural Charcoal
    5. 1 Part Organic Peat Moss

    All of your plants and microfauna will also thrive in this substrate.  There is no substitute for a good foundation to your new vivarium, and we only recommend using ABG Mix For Dart Frogs.


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