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Dendrobates drawing by Justin Dangerson
Epipedobates drawing by Justin Dangerson

Post Products and Manage Inventory in your own store dashboard

Add Virtually any vivarium related product: Plants, Feeders, Clean up Crew, Live Captive Bred Pets, supplies, etc.

free to list products and advertise on Facebook and google

We work to sell your products, so you can sit back and enjoy the sales from our nationwide visitors. Your products (except live animals and insects) will automatically be listed in the Facebook Marketplace.

Vendor Exclusive Benefits

Special product offers and discounts on products. Hosted image galleries, marketing, customer support/intervention and many more to come.

Making it easy to sell

We run continual ad campaigns through Facebook, Google, and other sources. Let Frogs Direct Inc. do the heavy lifting and get your customers to the door. Shipping is automatically calculated for FedEx and USPS and you can set your own flat rate if you would prefer.

Frequently asked questions

Anyone can join, anytime.  We were set-up for hobbyists to reach the public.  We don’t force you to list products, but we do ask that you keep inventory correct to avoid headaches with customers. charges 5% on any sucessful sale not including shipping or tax.

It happens, but we want to make it right for the customer.  Please let us know if you are delaying shipment beyond the 5 day period by email at or if you cannot fulfill an order for any reason, let us know immediately.

I wanted to create a place for small hobby breeders and product manufacturers to reach the public.  We are stronger as a team, and can compete with the big guys who don’t always do things right for the animals.  We can provide the highest quality animals because of vendors like you!

We can integrate with any website or flat files in XML or CSV format can be uploaded directly to your vendor store.  We will glady assist with large imports or if you have trouble uploading even one product.  Please don’t hesitate reaching out! 

All vendors must keep stock up to date. Any sales of products should be noted with appropriate dates of shipment prior to sale of products. We offer PayPal as a payment method for all vendors. You must sign up for a business account and use PayPal goods and services for all transactions on We reserve the right to remove any vendors for any reason. We also expect our vendors to follow these rules for any sales:

Terms Of Use

Shipping is controlled at the product level.  You will select an appropriate class, and set the weight and dimensions.  We have several options for shipping class  For Live animals we require either flat rate (We can add one if you need it), or using the Live Animals class.  This will force Fedex Priority overnight at checkout for that item(s) and will calculate automatically (based on below).  For dry goods, you can select standard shipping and it will offer USPS and Fedex Options.

For setting weight think of the item you are putting into a box.  For 12*12*12, and 10*10*10 we have added extra weight to make up for the cryopaks and live animals have extra fees for your heat pack, cryopak and larger box.  So if I am shipping frogs for example, I set the item size to 10*10*2 so that I can put up to 5 inside a 10*10*10 box.  Reach out if you need help tuning this at is owned and run by Nate Petrie, we are a marketplace for Hobby Froggers, creators, and inventors. Contact Us

strawberry dart frog hand drawn

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"As many of you know I migrated my available stock to many months ago. Couldn't be happier with dealing with Nate as a host and vendor himself. I add stock to the site weekly and I feel good that we can make FrogsDirect the go to marketplace for vivarium/terrarium amphibians, plants and supplies"

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