Looking at Fresh Water Paladariums?

Check out our friends over at Amazonas Magazine.  They have a great backlog of stories and some beautiful images featuring amazing fresh water realistic paladarium/aquarium set-ups, and more.  We do not receive any compensation but think you might benefit knowing about thier publication.  Written by and for hobbyists, lets help to support them by subscribing.

AMAZONAS Magazine is one of the world’s legendary tropical fish publications, read by tens of thousands of enthusiasts who are passionate about keeping fascinating and thriving freshwater aquariums in homes, offices, schools, and businesses.

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Every big issue brings:

  • Tropical Fish Husbandry and Breeding
  • Rare and unusual fishes, plants and invertebrates
  • World-Class Aquarium Systems
  • Freshwater Aquarium Advice — Beginners to Breeders
  • Tropical Travel & Discovery, Thought-Provoking News, Portraits, Interviews, Technology Updates, and much more.

Stay inspired, stay informed, stay connected with the world’s most enthusiastic aquarium keepers. Order a convenient and personal subscription for yourself or as a gift for your favorite fishkeeper.

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