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    Mystery Plant Package

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    This plant package will include a discount on a bulk purchase of plants that are suited to get your vivarium up and running perfectly.  These will be great for small amphibians or reptiles, and may include species not regularly available on our website.  Make sure you check out our selection of Microfauna to help break down waste matter.

    Foreground plants will typically be low growing, and spread.  They may include moss, pilea, micro-orchids or other smaller species.  Value $10-$15/each

    Background plants will grow a bit larger and include species of pepperomia, begonia, or larger mini-orchids. Value $5-$25/ea.

    Vining plants will grow up your background wall and may include species of Marcgravia, Rhaphidophora, philodendrons, etc.  Value $20-$50 ea

    Please select which option you would like and we will arrange at least that amount in retail value.  Plants will be shipped bare root and USPS express flat rate.  We are not responsible for lost or damaged packages, but will make sure to correct any issues upon delivery.  Please contact us immediately if there are any issues.


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