Dendrobates tinctorius Surname “Cobalt” Dart Frog – Cobalt Dart Frog

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Dendrobates Tinctorius Cobalt is a large, bold, great beginner Dart Frog.  As with all Tinctorius, Cobalts are best kept in pairs, and are very easy to breed.  However, they are not sexable until until 10 to 12 months of age.  They can be kept in groups until sexual maturity  but then MUST be separated and kept in pairs.  Adult Females average approximately 2 inches and males slightly smaller at approximately 1 .75 inches. It is recommended that a pair be kept in no less than a 20 H or a 18 x 18 x 18.  They are considered terrestrial so more ground space is ideal with these guys with plenty of plant cover and hides.

Dendrobates Tinctorius Cobalts prefer to lay eggs under Cocohuts, so its best to place a few throughout to try and entice them to lay their eggs in them.  Place a Petri Dish under the Hut to make it easy to pull the eggs if you choose to do so.

All Froglets sold here at T.A.D.F. are at least 2+ months of age and are well started on Melanogaster Fruit Flies. Be sure and have plenty of Springtails on hand because our frogs are spoiled on them! Adult Cobalts will eat Hydei Fruit Flies, Melanogaster, Springtails, Isopods, and other small prey items. So be sure and check out our feeder page to stock up when ordering your Frogs. All Feeders, Springtails, and Isopods will ship for FREE with purchase of any Frogs!!

Please send us a message if you are unaware of Tinctorius Cobalt care requirements.  There is a ton on information online as well if you need to do further research.

Introduction to Dart Frogs


*** Pics are of actual frogs/ siblings/ and parents for reference***

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Cobolt Dart froglet

Dendrobates tinctorius Surname "Cobalt" Dart Frog - Cobalt Dart Frog

$40.00$45.00 (-11%)

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