Dendrobates Auratus Green & White froglets


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Dendrobates auratus “Green & White” come from Panama. Like other auratus, they tend to be shy as froglets, but get bolder as they age in a well grown tank, but still remain more on the shy side. They are excellent group frogs with minimal to no aggression. The females will lay eggs in film canisters at all levels, on flat leaves, and in petri dishes under cocohuts. Clutches vary from 3-10 eggs. The parents will transport the tadpoles to a small pocket of water, but they are non-facultative-egg feeders, meaning the parents do not raise them and the tadpoles may cannibalize other tadpoles, so it’s best to pull the eggs/tadpoles and raise them individually.

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Dendrobates Auratus Green & White froglets



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