The first step in a bioactive vivarium for your pets is adding clean up crew such as Springtails and Isopods.  Buy Springtails from Frogs Direct to get the best deal available.

Purchase springtails from Frogs Direct, and select from multiple vendors.  We offer tropical, temperate, blue, silver and more.  Multiple substrates available, Clay, Charcoal, Coco, or Standard substrate.  Local pickup may be available, check for local vendors.

  • Sold By: Houston Frogs

    Springtail Snacks: Living Food for Springtails

    Sold By: Houston Frogs

    Springtail Snacks: Living Food for Springtails is literally a living, reproducing meal for your springtails. Just as springtails naturally eat fungi in the wild, our living springtail food provides live, nutritious mycelium on a nutrient gel. Once received, simply allow the top of the gel to fully colonize with the mycelium until no blue is showing on top. Do not open during this period. Once fully colonized, you can either pop the nutrient puck into a springtail culture, or cut the container just above the gel and place in your springtail cultures. Each living springtail food culture should feed for 2 weeks to 2 months depending on the size of your colony.

    Caution: Please ensure to add vents to your springtail colonies when adding this live food source to prevent CO2 buildup! We do have vent-stickers on our site for sale as well!

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