various locales of Ranitomeya sirensis

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    Sold By: Houston Frogs

    Ranitomeya Sirensis ‘Rio Pachitea’ Tadpoles

    Sold By: Houston Frogs

    Our tadpoles all come with our Gold Standard Guarantee as well as our Live Arrival Guarantee. Buy 4 or more tadpoles and receive our standard tadpole kit for Free. 1 Free kit per 4 tadpoles. Please call for any questions about these tadpoles. You must call or message us to arrange for shipping of your tadpoles or we will contact you within 4 days of purchase. Tadpoles may only be shipped Overnight Priority. We do not ship outside of Texas November 21-January 10 due to the holiday package traffic. We ship across the US January 10-November 20. Please find your nearest Fedex Hub to ship to, or plan to be home to receive your package. Please also check your weather and only have your tadpoles shipped when your temperatures are between 40-90 degrees F on both the day of shipping and receiving. We pride ourselves on having the most advanced packaging in the industry, so rest assured that your tadpoles will arrive safely.


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