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Oophaga histrionica, or Harlequin frogs, are originally from the Western Coasts of Colombia, Ecuador and a small range in Costa Rica.  Like other Oophaga species, they are Beautiful and highly sought after, these frogs are a collectors dream.  Also similar to other oophaga (which translates to egg feeder) are obligate egg feeders, meaning they raise their tadpoles on unfertilized eggs, laid in a bromeliad regularly with they tadpole(s).  Some of the larger obligates, these dart frogs are available in dozens of morphs.

We do not recommend Oophaga histrionica for beginners as they are an advanced/expert species.  Review all available frogs from our vendors.

A Guide to Buying Oophaga histrionica by Phil at

Research information on range, care, etc. can be found at Animal Diversity (University of Michigan – Oophaga))

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