• Dart frog crochet
    Sold By: frogsdirect.com

    Hand-Crochet Poison Dart Frogs

    Sold By: frogsdirect.com

    Hand-crocheted Oophaga pumilio ‘Blue Jeans’ Dart Frog or Dendrobates tinctorius ‘Patricia’. These are amazingly high quality hand-made in Spain and imported directly for you! I can only order small quantities from our friend Paula Mayo, as she spends her time after work making amazing creations such as these. With a true sense for perfection and accuracy, these will really be a unique addition to your frog collection. I would not pass up an opportunity to get one of these extremely limited edition pieces of yarn art!

    4 On Order to be delivered before Christmas (Fingers Crossed).  Mailed direct from Spain!

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