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Insitu offers top of the line dart frog vivaria. They include everything you need to provide a proper enclosure and create a rainforest in your home.

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    InSitu Ecosystems Selva Plus Vivarium

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    The Selva is our base-level vivarium and incorporates several innovative features:

    • A base and canopy made from ABS thermoplastic (the same material LEGOs are made from)
    • Sloped base deck and integrated drain/plumbing
    • Door tracks with integrated ‘bumpers’ that create a seal and prevent fruit flies from escaping
    • Annealed glass doors, light bay and rear vent cover
    • Annealed glass sides and back
    • Black powder-coated stainless steel screens
    • Three pre-drilled misting head holes (with plugs) in front of the light bay
    • Three adjustable front hood vents and adjustable rear vent

    What differentiates the Selva from our other vivarium models is the hood: although it doesn’t allow for integrating our custom air circulation fans, it has a central light bay that can have either screening or glass installed (your choice), which makes it a great option for animals that need a little more outside air, ventilation or UVB.

    InSitu LED light units can be placed on top of the light bay (pictured), but the Selva’s hood does not allow them to be fully installed like the Amazonia or Alto.

    Insitu Vivariums typically ship within 24 hours. However, depending on factory loading, they could take up to 4 business days to build and ship.

    Made in the USA


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