$69 FedEx live animals flat rate

Flat Rate

  • Sold By: Ranitomeyafrog

    Ranitomeya Summersi “sauce”

    Sold By: Ranitomeyafrog

    3-4 months old juveniles. UE line.

  • SALE Lepidodactylus lugubris – Mourning Gecko – YELLOW BELLY form

    Juvenile/Subadult  CB mourning geckos – Yellow belly form. CB mourning geckos. Excellent companions for dart frogs and small tree frogs that won’t eat them. They are all parthenogenic females that lay egg clones. Yellow belly form is sought after type.

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  • Dendrobates Tinctorius Cobalt

    CB Dendrobates Tinctorius Cobalts. Pictures are of Parents and sibling froglets. The froglet you receive will be 3-4 months old similar in color. Lineage is unknown

  • Theloderma leprosum USCB Juveniles and Subadults

    Extremely rare USCB Theloderma species. Large, black with pink toes and white/mottled underbelly. Perfect paludarium, partial water tank species of ‘tree’ frog

    Juveniles/Medium 350 $
    Subadults/Large 550$


    This beautiful, healthy Red Eyed Tree Frog is absolutely stunning! He’s super friendly, loves being held and is fantastic with children!

  • Dendrobates leucomelas Fine Spot

    This is the best beginner dart frog–hands down. Leucomelas have the highest tolerance to temperature and humidity variations. It also has one of the most pleasing calls. Having multiple males, one will start calling and then the others will inevitably join in.

    A group of 4-5 is a great way to start.

    Froglets are 3-6 month old.


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