Prefers shady spot in well draining soil. Thrive in vivariums.

Sonerila is a genus of plants in the family Melastomataceae. This genus is characterized by presence of three petals (along with the genera Stussenia and Lithobium) as opposed to five in the other members of the family. Most members of the genus prefer growing in shady habitats. It is a large genus including about 175 species.

This is primarily an Asiatic genus of the tropical and subtropical regions distributed from India and Sri Lanka to the Indo-Pacific.[3] The members of the group are generally herbs or under shrubs, including some stemless members. Leaves opposite, leaf margin entire or serrulate. Inflorescence usually scorpioid cymes. Flowers in most species purple, some members with reddish or white flowers. Stamens 3, (in one whorl) or rarely 6 (in two whorls). Ovary inferior, 3-celled. Many species of this genus have restricted distribution and very small populations and would thus be regarded as Vulnerable (VU) or Endangered (EN) based on IUCN Red List criteria though this taxon has not yet been assessed for the IUCN Red List.

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sonerila fine spot

Sonerila heterostemon 'white spot'


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