Gymnopis multiplicata RARE Caecilian


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A very rare opportunity to own a fascinating creature, the caecilian !

Gymnopis multiplicata is a species of caecilian in the family Dermophiidae found in Central America. Worm like and legless they are a true fascination.

Its natural habitats are subtropical moist lowland forests, montane forests, pastureland, plantations, and rural gardens.

Keep in moist but firm substrate with enough clay proportions to allow for burrowing tunnels.

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Gymnopis multiplicata is known for the live birth of their young, which hatch inside their mother. After the young have used up their yolk sacs, they continue to feed by scraping their small teeth along the insides of their mother until they are born. The Mother proceeds to feed offspring with a milk-like substance high in nutrition, that is secreted from the females body.  Gestation period is about 11 months. Females reproduce every two years, bearing 2-10 offspring.

They feed on small invertebrates and larvae, worms like wax and phoenix worms, isopods and crickets.

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