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There is no wealth like knowledge,.
and no poverty like ignorance.

Buddha(c. 400/500 BC, founder of Buddhism)

DartDen – Run by my buddy and mentor, Phil, and about 40,000 other members, this is your one stop resource for everything dart frog related. If you find it on here, there;’s a good change it came from this forum. Collective information is always better with things like taking care of your frogs. A discussion board helps us learn from other’s experience, not one person knows it all. Definitely recommend starting here. Dartden.com has over 13k pages of information, and it’s an open forum so you can ask questions directly from the pros.

Amphibiaweb – Great resource for all things Amphibians. Calls, pictures, and geographies are just the start of what you will find here

Wikiri Selva Viva – Although we don’t sell wild caught frogs, WIKIRI does it right. If you want imported frogs, go with a conservation organization like this. WIKIRI breeds captive frogs in Ecuador, and they have a major focus on stopping the wild caught illegal trade of amphibians.

Tesoros de Colombia – In addition to WIKIRI, we suggest if you do need to import frogs, that you do it with a sustainable company like Tesoros who are breeding captively in South America. They recently received the ability to send captive bred frogs direct from Colombia. They are dedicated to preserving genetic lines and have recently been approved to reintroduce dart frogs into the wild.


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