1. 5 out of 5

    Frog Direct Review Part 1

    I'll be honest I'm new, this will be my first dart frog setup ( I bought the amazonia the plant mystery package and a couple other things) So of course I had questions. I sent the message as you can click on the website it brought me to a fb messenger where I found I was replying with a man named Nate. Now Nate I work in retail so I completely understand customer service but sir you took it to the next level! It was by far the easiest decision to just converse with you and get knowledge on the product before mindlessly buying something Im not quite familiar with yet! So I just gotta say thank you. For anyone new and im sure for experienced this is a great place. This is part 1 of my experience with just buying will add a part 2 once product arrives. Thanks again man for everything!