Ranitomeya sirensis Care Sheet

Ranitomeya sirensis orange pasco frog

General Information:  Ranitomeya sirensis are a thumbnail species, meaning they are around the size of your thumbnail or smaller than a dime.  These are fairly bold with a brilliant call during the day.  They stay small and are not easily sexed other than seeing calling (only by males).  Morphs include highland, orange Pasco, lowland, and standard.

Feeding:  Melanogaster fruit flies dusted with Calcium every two to three days.  Dust with Vitamin A twice per month, and Cartenoid enhancements once per week.  50 Flies per frog in each feeding.

Enclosure/Vivarium Size: At least 5 gallons per frog, an a minimum footprint of 18X18 is recommended even for one frog.

Humidity:  75-85% target, 60-90% acceptable

Lighting:  Full spectrum led’s work great, I have noticed a little more activity with a well lit tank, but not overly bright.

Animal Size: Adult females approximately .5″ 

Level of Expertise: Beginner

Sexing: Females are slightly larger, with smaller toe pads.  Usually sex-able around 12-18 months

Confidence:  Medium to Bold

Community Species:  Groups are not recommended, 1:1 is best for beginners


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