We recommend using this product 2x per week for Dart Frogs via dusting their fruit flies. Use in conjunction with Nekton-Multi-Rep (1x per week). For breeding frogs, use Nekton-Rep 1-2x per month to increase fertility (Only for adult frogs).  Remember to keep all vitamins (regardless of brand) refrigerated to prolong shelf life and to replace your vitamins every 6 months (again, regardless of brand), as they begin to oxidize once the seal is broken, reducing their potency with time (just like your own vitamins or medications!).

We now include (at no extra charge) 3 food-grade desiccant packs and 3 food-grade oxygen absorbers hermetically sealed in a 3 mil-bag in individual compartments with every bottle. Open one cell of the 3-pack and place the included oxygen absorber and desiccant pack into your supplement bottle after opening. Change out each month (3 month-supply included). This will further prolong the life of your supplements after opening and will reduce or eliminate condensation within the bottle when refrigerated.

Guaranteed Analysis
Contains 2 Amino Acids
Composition: Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Carbonate
Analytical Constituents: Ca 37%, Mg .002%, Na .002%
Nutritional Additives per KG: 50,000 IU vitamin D3, 600mg iron (Iron-II-sulfate), 250 mg Zinc (zinc sulfate), 250 mg Manganese (manganese oxide), 155 mg (copper II Sulfate), 16 mg Selenium (Sodium selenite)
Not water soluble, meant for dusting or mixing into crushed food.

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