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Calcium Clay Bath Kit

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Our calcium clay bath is 33% calcium with added magnesium plus a variety of added trace minerals including Zinc, Iron, Cobalt, and Potassium. Unlike other marketed calcium clays, ours has more bio-availability due to the extremely fine, air floated particles, which readily dissolve in water, allowing for vastly increased absorption across the dermal layer of dart frogs, in addition to a much higher percentage of calcium and additional minerals needed for amphibian bone health. Here at Houston Frogs, we have noticed that once the frogs have washed the clay off, their skin does look brighter and cleaner. This is an auxiliary form of supplementation meant to increase vital mineral availability to your frogs; however, you will still need to orally supplement your frogs as this bath does not contain vitamins such as A and D3. We recommend providing this clay bath to your frogs twice per month and refreshing the clay every two weeks (assuming they haven’t splashed it all out of the dish!). The splashed out clay will not harm your vivarium, but instead will provide yet another calcium source for your isopods and many micro-nutrients for your plants and beneficial bacteria and fungi, so nothing is wasted!

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Our Standard Calcium Clay Bath Kit comes with:

  • 1 petri dish set (1 lid and 1 bottom)
  • 4 packs of Calcium Clay Bath Powder
  • 1 10mL syringe
  • 1 set of instructions

Warning: This clay bath is NOT for show tanks! It is messy and the frogs will frolic in it then track it everywhere like a mud-covered toddler. However, you can easily spray the frogs and leaves down to wash the clay into the soil, so keep this in mind. This is for supplementation and enrichment, not to look “Pretty”.

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