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Frogs Direct Inc. is a Marketplace with nationwide Vendors Selling Dart Frogs, Tree Frogs, Other Exotic Amphibians and Reptiles, Isopods, Springtails, Substrates and more.  We offer the public direct access to dozens of respected animal breeders and plant propagators.  Please keep in mind we are selling some of the products here but this is a hobbyist site with small breeders who care greatly about their animals.  We offer an alternative to the “Froggy Mills”, similar to what you might find looking for a puppy.  If you want proper genetics and often times rarer species, you should avoid big box stores and look for folks who follow proper husbandry techniques.  Check our About us Page for more details.

When you order from one of our vendors, we will help answer any questions, please don’t hesitate reaching out. If you want to reach a vendor directly, you may browse to their page here. We will do our absolute best to ensure your animals or plants arrive safely. This includes requiring overnight shipping for any live animals.

For individual store policies please check with the vendor, but overall we guarantee live arrival; beyond that we will try to help you get set-up but you must be prepared to keep your new friends alive. This includes being ready with proper food, vitamins, and housing. Most of our vendors will hold your animals for up to a month if you need some time to get ready. We cannot guarantee animals survival beyond the delivery window so make sure you reach out immediately when you receive your package if there are issues.  

If you do need help or advice on Dart frog care or Tree Frog Care, we have created some care sheets, but  please don’t hesitate reaching out to our admin team, we have experience with a wide range of animals and plants, and if we do not know the answer to your question, our vendor network is also a fantastic wealth of information, which we can tap into to help you along the way.

Our Featured Vendor for 2021

Shawn Harrington

The Frog Whisperer ®

Email: [email protected]

WOW, it has been almost a year since our launch, and what a better way to celebrate than recognizing one of our best!  Our Featured Vendor this Year is Shawn Harrington, owner of The Frog Whisperer.  Hailing from North Eastern USA, Shawn has proven a fantastic vendor, and with almost no customer issues, I can say without a doubt that he is bringing a bit of joy to homes across the country.  Please browse his available animals here:

The Frog Whisperer Shop


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